Tools You Need For Cleaning Your DSLR Camera Lens

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One of the prime factors that affect image quality is the condition of your camera lenses. Clean lenses allow you to produce sharp and crisp photos and tend to last a lot longer than the dirty ones, for obvious reasons. This is why it is essential to keep your DSLR lenses protected and clean them regularly to ensure that it will help you take good quality photos.

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Cleaning your camera lenses should be an easy task as long as you have the right lens cleaning kit. This is why you need high-quality cleaning tools to help you maintain your DSLR lenses’ excellent condition. So below are the four must-have supplies you need to invest for your lens cleaning kit.

Air Blower

Breathing on the lens, hoping to blow off the dirt, is quite harmful to your lenses. Unfortunately, the breath contains acids that can cause damage to your lens coatings. To get rid of the dust, use a manual air blower to remove the specks of dust easily and more safely.

Always bring an air blower in your camera bag, especially when you’re traveling a lot or shooting outdoors so that you can use it whenever your lens gets dusty.

Soft-Bristled Brushes

You also need a soft-bristled brush made of either a goat or a camel hair to keep your sensitive camera lens from getting scratched while you’re cleaning it. Also, be sure to avoid touching the bristles of the brush if your fingers are oily. That way, you can keep your lens from getting smudged after you brush it.

Microfiber Cloth And Cleaning Wipes

Your camera lens’ cleaning kit won’t be complete without wipes. Dispose of cleaning wipes right after using it for your lens. Avoid reusing the same cleaning wipes as it will only put the dirt back on your lens.

As for the microfiber cloth, make sure that the one you’re using is clean; otherwise, it will be useless. And when washing the cloth, be sure not to use a fabric softener because it contains chemicals that may leave streaks on your lens and may harm the lens coating.

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Cleaning Fluid

And you can’t completely clean the lens without a cleaning solution. A lens cleaning solution helps remove smudges and fingerprints without leaving any streaks. Use just the right amount of the cleaning solution, a drop or two is enough. Putting more than necessary on the cleaning cloth can also damage your camera’s optics.

So if you have all the necessary supplies for your cleaning kit, it’s time to learn the simple step-by-step instruction in cleaning your DSLR lenses to keep them in good condition:

  •         Remove the dirt with the use of an air blower and a soft-bristled brush.
  •         With your lens cleaning fluid, add a drop or two onto a cleaning wipe or a microfiber cloth.
  •         Wipe the lens, starting from the outer part in a circular motion going to the center. Gently remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, oil, and smudges.

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